Pesce in gabbia
Pappardelle al ragù di capriolo con castagne grattuggiate
Pasta con gamberi di fiume
Cinghiale arrosto con salsa di groppello
bocadito e patate
patate alla birra al cartoccio



Carpaccio di trota fumè tagliata


Appetizers (price from € 8,00):

MIXED salami plate

 THINLY SLICED OCTOPUS, Mixed fresh salad

THINLY SLICED SMOKED GARDA LAKE TROUT, aromatic herbs and lemon dressing


First Courses (price from € 7,00):

Homemade TAGLIATELLE, Mixed Mushrooms

Homemade BIGOLI pasta  with tuna fish cream and prawns

Homemade SPAGHETTI ALLA CHITARRA, stewed chicory, pecorino cheese and buffalo mozzarella


Second Courses (price from € 12,00):

THINLY SLICED GRILLED BEEF, chicory, parmesan cheese flakes and Evo oil

GRILLED SEA BASS FISH, salad, carrots and tomatoes

STEAMED GARDA LAKE FISH, steamed vegetables


To end sweetly (price from € 4,50):

Homemade TIRAMISU' (classic or lemon)

SBRISOLONA crunchy cake with almonds and served with hot white chocolate

 ITALIAN CHEESE plate with jams and honey